The Break-Up – Episode 10

The Break-Up – Episode 10

Description:In the Psych office, Shawn rigs up a camera and records himself recounting a story. Pineapple Location: In his Dad’s House, in the window sill above the sink. Time Code: 15:30
A Touch of Sweevil – Episode 8

A Touch of Sweevil – Episode 8

Description: Excited when he is invited to a paranormal convention, Shawn is unprepared for the opening event when the keynote speaker dies on the stage. But with a crowd of police consultants in the room, the murder will be solved…once everyone and their...
Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up – Episode 7

Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up – Episode 7

Description: After the owner of a favorite food truck is murdered, Shawn and Gus vow to catch the person who deprived them of sustenance. They decide to go undercover with their own truck, and suddenly are thrust into the cut-throat competition and secrets behind the...
Cog Blocked – Episode 5

Cog Blocked – Episode 5

Description: Gus investigates a man who has replicated Gus’ life and is enamored of the private investigator he meets during the case. Pineapple Location: Flashing By on the LED screen Time Code: About 22 minutes

Someone’s Got a Woody – Episode 4

Description: A desperate man takes Woody hostage to prove he did not kill the victim in the morgue; and Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and Juliet try to resolve the situation peacefully. Trout, however, has other plans that may put Woody in mortal danger. Pineapple Location:...

No Trout About it – Episode 14

Description: A consultant is brought in to evaluate everyone’s effectiveness as detectives, but their alleged misdeeds are matched only by the quirkiness of the consultant. Pineapple Location: On the snow cone cart. See below.

Nip and Suck it – Episode 13

Description: A plastic surgery patient is dead and Shawn and Gus suspect a local surgeon who inconveniently—or maybe conveniently—happens to be someone whom Henry used to date. Pineapple Location: Currently unknown. Post your sightings in the comments...

Dead Air – Episode 12

Description: When Shawn and Gus’ favorite DJ is murdered, they devise a scheme to find the perpetrator. Of course it means they must go undercover as DJs themselves. Pineapple Location: Currently unknown. Post your sightings in the comments below.

Office Space – Episode 11

Description: Shawn scrambles to cover for Gus when he inadvertently corrupts a crime scene and makes himself the prime suspect. Pineapple Location: One of the scratch and sniff stickers that the VP had in his suitcase when he gave Gus the promotion. See comments for...

The Santa Barbarian Candidate – Episode 10

Description: Shawn looks into the mayor’s death, which appears to be a surfing accident, and ends up running for office in the process. Pineapple location: On the box of Shawns model he is presenting to replace the wetlands. Thanks for Ashley for being first to...

Juliet Wears the Pantsuit – Episode 9

Description: Shawn is his usual suspicious self about the new person in Juliet’s life. Only this time he takes it a step further. He suspects the friend of murder. Elsewhere, he spends quality time with Woody. Pineapple Location: Multiple possibilities: GIve...

Right Turn or Left for Dead – Episode 8

Description: Rather than party after the successful conclusion of his case, Shawn turns unusually introspective. He re-examines every decision made to determine if he could have changed the outcome. Pineapple Location: Ashley A points out that the pineapple is a...