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According to the official Psych webpage, there is a pineapple in “almost” every episode of psych. We have dedicated this sight to logging each pineapple sighting. We have yet to find every pineapple, so if you would like to help, please send episode number and time code to webmaster@psychpineapple.com

The pineapples are sometimes fresh but can also be ceramic, metal, and glass. We have seen cut up pineapples on pizza, sliced pineapple, pineapple tops and pineapple smoothies. Also look for pineapple wallpaper, pineapple paintings and pineapple cave art.

To get you started on your pineapple seeking, here are video clips from youtube and hulu with many pineapple sightings. Good Luck!


  1. Hans Znarf

    What about the pineapple Hand grenade on the Major General desk?

  2. randy

    pineapple in the tiki bar

  3. Gus Spencer

    Pineapple in the cake!

  4. Isaiah

    You guys need to put up season five for sightings.

  5. tri

    the paper latern in 3:15 is in the shape of a pineapple

  6. Carla Jones

    Just watched the season 5 opener and also saw the pineapple lantern in china town. Let the new season begin.


    In chinatown scene in the lantern.

  8. d.lawson

    the pineapple on the July21,2010 episode Feet Don’t Kill Me Now is located on the desk in the part-time lab assistant’s desk. It is a small paperweight . Her watch is around it.

  9. jennafer

    saw pineapple on women’s white tote bag

  10. Tiffany Copley

    The pineapple is  on the lamp at the wedding in the background.

  11. Ursula Ulcar

    After Nadia dissapears from the police station in Shawn’s flashback behind newton’s cradle under the table light… the golden pencilholder is the pineapple

  12. Peggy Quick

    The pineapple is the shape of a pencil holder behind the clanking balls.

  13. Sam

    Season 2’s “And Down the Stretch Comes Murder”
    The green shirt Henry makes Shawn wear has a pineapple pattern.

  14. Hi


  15. Wicked

    Why is there pineapple in every episode?

  16. Robert

    s03e08 There is a pineapple cut out in the pulley system for the hot dogs

  17. Madeleine

    In I think the episode called “Lassie Did A Bad Bad Thing”, Lassiter is holding groceries when walking up to his house. You can see the spikes of a pineapple in the bag!

  18. Thomas Grieves

    Season 5 episode 15 “Dead Bear Walking” – 3 ceramic jars with pineapples on the front located on countertop in cafe

  19. Darien

    I saw a Pineapple logo on the sleeve of Shawn’s shirt in season two. Not sure if you’ve already found it, but I thought it was pretty cool.

  20. andrew

    the episode with Gus’s wife, shawn and gus go golfing and shawn’s polo has a pineapple on it

  21. Cara

    In the episode where Shawn’s mother is counseling Lassiter, the lamps have pineapple like shapes on them.

  22. Rebekah

    Episode not even close encounters the pineapple is hanging from the rocket near the battle star galactica helmet.

  23. Rebekah

    In Chivalry is not dead the pineapple is on the pizza

  24. Astraluxa

    There was a mention of Pineapple Upside down cake Shawn was baking in an EZ Bake Oven in one episode, he said it took him 19 hours to make it.  He offered it to a woman who said it was still not done.  Don’t know the season and episode number, but it was hilarious.  I think pineapple is MENTIONED in every episode, if not seen, but I could be wrong.  

  25. CGDiznoid

    PINEAPPLE DOLE WHIP! That’s where the idea for the pineapple comes from.

  26. Josh

    Did you spell site wrong on purpose?

  27. Cindy

    In the Polarizing Express, noticed pineapple shaped quilt covering Henry on the couch.

  28. alex

    in season three, episode fifteen there is two pineapples. First one is the pinata Gus and his partner made at camp in the begining and second is when Shawn opens the fridge door you see another pineapple. happy hunting. 

  29. ET

    Season 4 episode 7 – High Top Fade Out there appears to be an image of a pineapple on the side of the church pew in the funeral scene.  

  30. Karla A

    Santabarbaratown episode.  Pineapple plate in home of fathers old partner.  Gus is eating the Candy out of it.  

  31. Koff27

    in “truer liars” in the restarant a woman is eating fruit salad out of a…………( can u guess)…. Pineapple!

  32. Koff27

    Also in the dumpster at the end

  33. Candice gopaul

    In the episode “65 million years off” there are two super sneaky pineapples. One is made out of dinosaur bones in the locked shed and the other is shaped by the trees in the center of the fields.

  34. NM

    Season 1 episode 4 opens with pineapple smoothies

  35. M

    Season 2, Bounty Hunters – painted on the poles in the parking garage. About 32 minutes in,

  36. SM

    In epidode tuesday the 17th, gus and cunnigham pinata is a pineappl!

  37. Kevinbousquet

    in down the track comes.in season 2 episode 5 the pineapple is on shawns shirt after henry makes him where it

  38. chrismar

    season 7 episode 3, I thought the pineapple was on the lampshade in the cabin.

  39. mollwoll

    In season 7 episode 5 the pineapple is the doorbell. 



  41. Rae

    Pineapple already shpwn one minute in, a guy at the market gave it to him.—

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  43. Charlesdito

    Chunks of pineapple are used in desserts such as fruit salad, as well as in some savory dishes, including pizza toppings and a grilled ring on a hamburger.

  44. Isaac

    What about the “pineapple and movie theater popcorn” flavored jelly beans in the nanny thief ring episode.

  45. DanHwang

    In the Last Night Gus episode, near the end, pineapples can be seen as etched ornaments in the adopted daughter’s lowball glass.

  46. Stone

    Season 2 episode 15 pineapple earnings after O’haras makeover

  47. Juergen&Ines

    Season 4, Episode 12 “A Very Juliet Episode”

    Well, it was my wife who spotted the pineapple actually.

    Middle of the episode when Shawn, Gus and Juliet’s former boy friend enter the abandoned factory for the very first time.

    The pineapple is only visible as a shadow behind the opal glass windows of the office where the marshal had been shot 5 years ago.

    It’s a very short sequence, you have to press pause to spot.

    Happy new year

  48. Stacy Canzo

    Comments he doorbell was the pineapple in the clue episode

  49. Roni S

    Season 3, Episode 16 “An Evening with Mr.Yang. A ceramic pineapple is on Abigail’s desk. That’s the teacher he calls at the beginning of the episode.

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