Summary: Shawn finds himself central to a criminal enterprise when he interrupts a brother preparing for a robbery, and then ends up a hostage for the other brother when all his well-laid plans are ruined by one psychopathic action.

Pineapple Location: The official Word from USA is that the pineapple is on the Door Mat at Shawn’s Apartment. There is a bit of a blur on the mat but I no one seems to be able to find it. Thanks to Glenn for providing the hi-res photo below. I adjusted the levels to see if the exposure could be raised enough to see what is on the mat, but too much detail is lost. It looks like there may be 1-3 objects on the mat that could be pineapples.

If someone from the production company or USA monitors this site, I’d challenge them to post a pic of the mat. Other than that, this is about as good as it is going to get.

floor mat with a pineapple?

Time Code: 26:48