Dvd Winner Chosen

DVD Winner Chosen

As a small token of appreciation and as a thank you to the many valuable contributors to psychpineapple.com, we have chosen another community member to receive a season of Psych (Digital or Boxed). We chose the winner by totaling the number of comments since January 1, 2013, gave each post a number, then used random.org to pick one of the numbers. Lucky commenter # 124, Leslie, is our winner. Gratz Leslie.

We will continue to pick comments periodically and send the commenters a $25 Amazon gift card (or cash if you prefer). When we started pyschpineapple.com we placed a few Google ads to help defray some of our hosting costs. The past two years have seen a steady increase in traffic, and thanks to those of you who click on the ads, we made back our hosting fees in just over one month this year.

So keep clicking those ads and every time google sends us a check, we will give back to those who have made this site a success. Every comment counts as an entry.


Chief Pineapple

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