About the Pineapple

According to the official Psych webpage, there is a pineapple in “almost” every episode of psych. We have dedicated this sight to logging each pineapple sighting. We have yet to find every pineapple, so if you would like to help, please send episode number and time code to webmaster@psychpineapple.com

The pineapples are sometimes fresh but can also be ceramic, metal, and glass. We have seen cut up pineapples on pizza, sliced pineapple, pineapple tops and pineapple smoothies. Also look for pineapple wallpaper, pineapple paintings and pineapple cave art.

To get you started on your pineapple seeking, here are video clips from youtube and hulu with many pineapple sightings. Good Luck!


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